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Oxygen Treatment​                               

The Oxygen Treatment sprays 98% pure hyperbaric oxygen infused with a serum that contains essential nutrients and antioxidants. The Oxygen Treatment supercharges oxygen levels in the skin, bettering skin circulation and cell regeneration. Furthermore, it reduces grayness, rosacea, and heals bruising, as well as general wear and tear. Because oxygen is a natural purifier, it kills surface bacteria, which keeps the skin clear and glowing.

Lifting Ultrasound Care*                       

The ultrasound machine gives a powerful micro-massage, decomposing fat cells. The machine also refines general skin texture by toning muscles and lifting aged, saggy skin. Vitamin C iontophoresis in galvanic lifting betters blood circulation, helping with cell renewal and lymph drainage.

​Vitamin C Treatment *                             

The Vitamin C Treatment reduces and prevents fine lines and wrinkles by repairing and building the skin's collagen. It also treats wounds and infections, reducing redness and swelling from small cuts and acne.


(includes a collagen mask) Microdermabrasion removes the top layer of the stratum corneum (consisting of dead skin cells) so younger skin cells can emerge. The treatment essentially peels dead skin, visibly removing fine surface wrinkles. This is a wonderful alternative to laser treatments and chemical peels because it is non-invasive, non-surgical, and requires no down time. It is especially great for repairing sun damage, scars, and removing hyperpigmentation.

Dermalift Treatment  *                         


The Dermalift Treatment removes the top layer of the stratum corneum (consisting of dead skin cells) so that younger skin cells can emerge. The treatment essentially peels dead skin, removing fine surface wrinkles as a result.

Thermotherapy Treatment                 


(using a Therma-G-Plus Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machine) The Thermotherapy Treatment converts radio frequency energy into biothermal energy using the Therma G-Plus machine, increasing the tissue’s temperature and stimulating the expansion of tissue cells. This promotes the activation of cellulation and improves the effectiveness of lymph drainage, resulting in a firming lift. The machine can provide:

  • Intense face lifting

  • Intense under eye lifting

  • Neck and cleavage lifting

  • Full body firming

  • Strong anti-cellulite action

Hydradermie Treatment *                                 

The Hydradermie Treatment provides in-depth hydration. It combats dryness and wrinkles by using antioxidants and natural minerals. As a result, the skin gains a healthy complexion by becoming resilient, supple, and illuminated.

Revitalizing Eye Rescue ​*                        

The Revitalizing Eye Rescue is designed to firm and tone the under-eye area. The treatment helps diminish fine lines, reduce puffiness, and soothe irritated and tired eyes.

Acne Facial *                                               

The Acne Facial treats acne-prone skin by targeting breakouts and reducing oil production. It utilizes alpha hydroxyl acid, urea peroxide, and salicylic acid to cleanse blemished skin and remove microcomedones. A special combination of acid, zinc, and vitamins inhibits skin hormones that cause clogged pores.

Pore Vacuuming Facial                            


The Pore Vacuuming Facial involves a small vacuum that sucks out the oil, dead skin, and other gunk that may have accumulated in pores. It gets rid of blackheads and immediately improves the skin's appearance.

Anti-Aging Facial *                                      

The Anti-Aging Facial is an intensely therapeutic treatment immersed in rich antioxidants. It is designed to nourish nutrition-deprived skin accumulated from sun damage, outside pollutants, excessive product use, and aging.

Collagen Facial *                                                            

The Collagen Facial is an exceptional treatment for fatigued or mature skin. The facial provides outstanding results in reducing and preventing wrinkles by boosting collagen and collagen production in the skin, which regenerates and hydrates the epidermis.

Platelet Rich Plasma

(PRP) Facial          

Otherwise known as the "Vampire Facial," PRP injects the patient's platelets and fibrin into the dermis of the skin using a micro-needling device, which creates micro-channels that allow PRP access to the deeper layers of the dermis. The platelets in PRP stimulate a cell repairing cascade, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and scars. It also leads to improvements in skin texture, tone, and firmness. The treatment can be used for the face, hands, and neck, and anesthesia is applied topically to make the treatment comfortable.

European Facial *                                       

The European Facial is customized to remove dead skin cells and cleanse pores. A rejuvenating mask is then applied, leaving a smooth, silky feeling.

Deep Pore

Cleansing Facial  *                   


The Deep Pore Cleansing Facial steams the face and gently removes impurities from the skin. The skin is thoroughly exfoliated and followed up by a pore tightening mask. The calming mask leaves skin tightened and refreshed.

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